Should Managers Lie To Their Teams?

September 27, 2018

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Image Credit: miss.killer! When was the last time that you lied? I’m willing to bet that you probably did it today. Or if not today, then you most defiantly did it yesterday or the day before. Let’s face it – […]

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3 Ways That Managers Can Sabotage Themselves When They Are Unhappy

September 20, 2018

Having a manager job sure seems like it should be something that would make you happy. I’m willing to guess that since you’ve worked so hard to get this position most days you are at least fairly happy with the idea of going to work and putting your manager skills to work. However, in every […]

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Managers Need To Know What Happens When A Meeting Is Postponed

September 13, 2018

Let’s face it – we are all busy. I mean really busy. We may start out a week with the best of hopes about what we’d like to be able to accomplish; however, generally by the time that we hit Wednesday things have been turned upside down on us and despite our manager skills we […]

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Can A Little Anxiety Help Managers Be More Successful?

August 30, 2018

I guess that I can only really speak for myself here, but I do not like having to wait to learn the answer to something. At work it can be news of an upcoming layoff, whether the company won a big new contract, or what this year’s bonus program is going to look like. No […]

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How Can You Become An IT Manager That People Like?

August 23, 2018

As an IT manager, your goal is to be able to use your IT manager skills to lead a team of professionals in such a way that the team is able to successfully accomplish tasks for the company. Every day when you come to work, your goal is to find ways to employ your IT […]

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How IT Managers Deal With Work / Life Balance Issues

August 16, 2018

Quick question for you: what’s more important in your life right now – your job or your home life? You have to pick one. Your gut probably tells you to pick “home life”, but if we took a look at where you’ve been spending your time, would that support that pick? If you are like […]

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How Do Bad IT Managers Manage To Keep Their Jobs?

August 9, 2018

Let’s face it. Not all IT managers have the IT manager skills to be good bosses. However, for those of us who are, when we encounter one who is not, generally speaking we all have the same thought: just exactly how are they holding on to their job? I think that we can all agree […]

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What Makes Someone A Good Fit For Your Team: Chemistry

August 2, 2018

As IT managers, it is our responsibility to use our IT manager skills to build the best team that we possibly can. We’re going to be asking a lot from our team in terms of being able to deliver complex projects quickly and efficiently. This means that the people we invite to become members of […]

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How IT Managers Can Deal With The Tragedy Of Unreturned Emails

July 26, 2018

I think that it would probably be safe to say that despite the arrival of social media tools, email is still the #1 tool that IT managers use to both get and distribute information. Email has so many different things working in its favor: everyone has an email address so everyone can be reached, we […]

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IT Managers Understand How Important HR Is To Building A Successful Team

July 19, 2018

If I was to ask you what it takes to make a really great team, what would your answer be? Lots of ping pong tables? Probably not. What makes people want to both join and then stay with your team is something that is much more difficult to create: workplace culture. You need to understand […]

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