How IT Leaders Can Grow Good Ideas

Innovation, innovation, innovation. Everyone seems to be talking about it, but nobody seems to have any clear guidance for IT Leaders when it comes to telling them HOW to grow good ideas within their IT departments. Well we’re going to change that starting right now. Dr. Jan van den-Ende and Bob Kijuit have spent some … Read more

IT Leader Book Review: “Lead Well And Prosper”

So how is an IT Leader supposed to keep on top of his / her game? There were very few college courses that we had to take during our undergraduate years that dealt with management (or even better, leadership). Even if you’ve gone on and gotten an MBA, precious little time is devoted to the … Read more

What’s An IT Manger To Do When You Screw-Up BIG TIME?

So I’ll be the first one to admit it – I’ve screwed up big time at work. It was awhile back, but as I remember it I was responsible for crunching some numbers that were going into a report that was being used to plan what the company was going to be working on for … Read more