IT Managers Need To Play The Role Of Coach If They Want To Win The Game

IT managers understand that they are responsible for conducting performance appraisals with their team every so often. What many IT managers don’t realize is that they are also responsible for what comes next: coaching… What Is Coaching And Why Do You Have To Do It? Coaching is not managing. Instead, it’s a two-way activity in … Read more

4 Secrets IT Managers Need To Do Successful Performance Appraisals

On top of everything else that you have to do as an IT manager, there are those performance appraisals. You don’t want to do them, your staff doesn’t want to do them, and yet the company insists on everyone doing them. As long as you’ve got to sit down and evaluate the performance of each … Read more

Can IT Managers Do A Good Job Of Performance Appraisals?

Performance appraisals are just about the worst part of an IT manager’s job. You don’t like doing them, your team doesn’t like receiving them. However, as per company policy it’s a required part of the job. Considering how critical they are, you would think that you would have received a great deal of training on … Read more