Managers Need To Know How To Write Effective Job Postings

Managers have to make changes to how they describe open positions

If you are a manager and you have an opening on your team, what do you do? If you are like most of us your HR department is going to come to you and ask that you create a job description so that they can go post it and see who applies for it. This … Read more

What Managers Can Learn From Google

Google is the place where great managers are made

As managers, where we work will probably play a big role in how we develop our manager skills. If we could all choose where we worked, I’m pretty sure that a lot of us would all agree that working for Google would probably be a good choice. Once upon a time Google was a small … Read more

How To Manage Employees Who Are In Remote Locations

Managing a team of IT professionals is hard work when they all spend all day in the office with you. Transform this cozy scenario into the modern distributed workplace and you get a completely different scenario that you may not have the IT manager skills to deal with. Now you’ve got a much bigger challenge … Read more