The Power Industry Discovers The Importance Of IT Managers

For far too long the role of IT managers within many companies has been almost an afterthought. Sure they all had IT managers, but unless the company was part of the IT sector then the IT manager was mostly relegated to making sure that the corporate email system was working, he or she was not … Read more

Is Your IT Team Ready For Change?

When I’m working with IT managers, all too often I see them trying very hard to get things “just right”. I know what they are thinking. They believe that if they can get things set up correctly, then the team that they are in charge of will just run itself. I guess that they might … Read more

How An IT Manager Can Become A Change Agent

If there is one thing that is constant in IT it’s that things are always changing. What this means for you as an IT manager is that you have an important decision to make: are you going to resist change or are you going to become a change agent? If you choose to become a … Read more