Managers Need To Know How To Write Effective Job Postings

Managers have to make changes to how they describe open positions

If you are a manager and you have an opening on your team, what do you do? If you are like most of us your HR department is going to come to you and ask that you create a job description so that they can go post it and see who applies for it. This … Read more

10 Things IT Managers Should NOT Ask During A Job Interview

As IT managers sometimes we tend to think that we know it all – that we have all of the IT manager skills that we need. This can be dangerous, especially when it comes to conducting job interviews. If you don’t have the right IT manager training then what goes on during a job interview … Read more

Why Are There So Few Women In IT?

Oh, oh – this is the kind of blog posting that can cause all sorts of folks to get angry. Before you build up a big head of steam and get ready to fire off an angry “women are just as capable as men” letter to me, wait just a minute. The question that we’re … Read more

Are Boy Or Girl IT Leaders Better At Multitasking?

So this may push a few buttons, but it’s probably a good question to ask in these times IT downsizing and increasing responsibilities for everyone: are men or women better at juggling multiple tasks at the same time? Traditionally, everyone seems to think that women do a better job of this than men, but are … Read more