IT Manager Authority: When To Use It And When Not To Use It

Doesn’t it feel good to be an IT manager? The people who are running your company have determined that you have the correct IT manager skills and have put you in charge of an IT team and your word is now law. How cool is that? However, before you start cracking the whip and throwing … Read more

What IT Managers Need To Know About Working Capital

Have you ever wondered how your company pays its bills? I mean, every day when you come to work, the lights are on, the security guard is working, and food is served in the cafeteria. Somehow, thanks to the efforts of your company’s leadership, that is all getting paid for, but how? The secret my … Read more

Maybe It’s Time For IT Leaders To Go Shopping To Learn New Tricks

Good IT Leaders find ways to use the tools that IT provides along with the skills that their teams have in order to help the company move faster and do more. Nowhere is this currently more visible than in the world of retail sales… Do Retail Stores Even Still Exist? After the past bruising few … Read more

Whoops – You’ve Been Reorganized IT Leader!

So there you are, doing a great job of being the best IT Leader that you can be and all of a sudden, everything changes around you. You’ve been reorganized! In a recession (like we are in now), reorganizations are common either before or after a layoff. Just when you though that you knew what … Read more