Should IT Managers Still Give Raises?

As IT managers we use our IT manager skills to spend a lot of time each year conducting performance reviews with each of the members of our team. The reason that we’ve had the IT manager training to do this is so that ultimately the company can evaluate each person and give them a merit … Read more

How To Manage Employees Who Are In Remote Locations

Managing a team of IT professionals is hard work when they all spend all day in the office with you. Transform this cozy scenario into the modern distributed workplace and you get a completely different scenario that you may not have the IT manager skills to deal with. Now you’ve got a much bigger challenge … Read more

How An IT Leader Does A Performance Review

I hate performance reviews. I hate getting them and I hate giving them. In my mind they are a waste of time for both the IT Leader who’s giving them and the IT staffer who is getting them. I’m not sure who dreamed these things up, but they remind me of a 19th century factory … Read more