Good Managers Know About The Power Of Failure

Managers know that failures are not to be hidden

Becoming a successful manager is a difficult enough thing to accomplish. So why would we want to jeopardize it once we achieve it? But research says we unwittingly do just that when we withhold or try to bury one thing about ourselves in particular – our failures. Yes, you heard me correctly – we’re supposed … Read more

It Turns Out The Humble Managers Are The Best Managers

Humility is what can make a manager a great manager

So what makes a manager a great manager? For the longest time companies have believed that personality characteristics such as charm and charisma are the manager skills that made a manager successful. Guess what – it turns out that they may have been wrong. New studies are showing that the thing that can make a … Read more

It Turns Out That Personal Skills ARE Important For IT Leaders

Why Does Hacking Still Work So Well? So here’s an interesting question for you: in this day and age, why is it still so easy to hack into a corporate computer system? I mean we’ve had years to invest in sophisticated encryption systems and multi-step identity verification systems. The answer is surprisingly simple – the … Read more

Are You A “Tuned In” IT Manager?

Just how do great IT managers go about making decisions? We all have different ways of doing this, but many of us talk about making “gut decisions”. What this is really a way of saying is that an IT leader who has good business instincts is a great value to the company that they work … Read more

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Best IT Manager Of All?

Those boys who get locked up and do work on behavior neuroscience continue to come up with new and interesting discoveries all the time.  This time around they’ve made a stunning discovery that will have a long lasting impact on how IT managers do their job. Do I have your interest yet? Daniel Goleman and … Read more

How Can An IT Leader Change An Engineer Into A Team Player?

At my core, I am an engineer. I recognize this, I accept this, I am proud of this. However, during my career many mentors have been kind enough to hold up that damning mirror of self-vision and have allowed me to see myself as I was: an engineer’s engineer. One key characteristic of this part … Read more