How Managers Can Create Innovative Teams

Managers need to know how to transform their teams into innovation engines

As managers we are always looking for ways to use our manager skills to get more out of our teams. What we’ve been told is that we can do this if we can come up with a way to boost their innovation. It may sound easy, but it isn’t. What managers need to do is … Read more

How IT Managers Can Get Their Boss To Say “Yes” To Attend A Conference

By this point in your career I’m pretty sure that all of us have at one time or another attended one of our industry’s conferences. You know the drill: you fly in, check into your hotel, go register for the conference, determine what sessions you want to attend, mix and mingle with other people attending … Read more

Why GM Created A Team Of 8,000 Programmers

So IT manager, how many people are on your team? How hard is it to keep track of them and what they are currently working on? I’m willing to bet that it probably takes up most of your available time. Over at GM they just hired 8,000 new developers. How would you like to manage … Read more

Why All IT Managers Need To Have Creative Confidence

If you give it some thought, just exactly what does an IT manager need to do in order to be successful? Is it as simple as just doing what you’ve been told to do? I’d be willing to say that this is not the correct answer to this question. Instead, I think that our company … Read more

3 Places To Go Looking For Innovation

In order for your IT team to accomplish all that is being asked of it, both you and your team are going to have to become innovative. As we are all probably quite aware of now, this is an easy thing to say, but it can be devilishly difficult to do no matter what IT … Read more