Video: Oh, Oh — What To Do When You Don’t Get That Promotion

Dr. Jim Anderson takes a look at why IT managers are not getting promoted. Dr. Anderson explains how changes in the stock market have caused baby boomers to hold on to their IT jobs. This is causing problems for everyone else in IT. Dr. Anderson provides suggestions for how to deal with this problem. To … Read more

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, You’ll Always Have Tomorrow – But Are You Ready?

If you’ve been reading the papers or watching the news on TV, you’ve probably started to see stories that are daring to hint at a global recovery. Now that’s all fine and good and I’ll believe it when it shows up. However, smart IT Leaders know that now is the time to act. Are you … Read more

Oh, Oh – What To Do When You Don’t Get That Promotion

Things are tough all over. If you were counting on getting a promotion this year, you might want to scale your hopes back just a bit. A lot of IT Leaders are discovering that their career plans are having to be put on hold. Maybe we should spend some time talking about what you should … Read more