5 Things That An IT Manager Needs To Know About Risk

How much time every day do you spend thinking about risk? No matter what your answer was, I’m willing to bet that you are not spending enough time on this important subject. Every IT manager knows that there are risks all around us each and every day. In fact, the number of risks that your … Read more

How Are IT Managers Supposed To Keep Their Best Employees?

When I talk with new IT managers, more often than not they tell me that their biggest challenge is getting good at hiring the right people for their teams. One of the reasons that this is so challenging is because it’s new to them. What they don’t know yet, is that hiring is only one … Read more

IT Leaders Want To Know: How’s Your IT Portfolio Doing?

As an IT Leader it can be all to easy to become focused on just what your immediate team is working on in terms of projects and goals. The problem with this is that doing this allows you to take your eyes off of what’s really important: the success of the company. There’s got to … Read more

IT Leaders Deal With The Three D’s: Death, Divorce, and Disease

Bad things happen. Sometimes they are not all that bad – key employees leaving for example is bad, but not really all that “bad”. However, sometimes things really are bad: staff die or become seriously ill for long periods of time. What’s your plan for when this happens? What’s that, you don’t have a plan? … Read more