Is Showing Concern A Sign Of IT Manager Weakness?

Hey, big tough IT manager. Do you ever show concern about members of your team? Should you? Is this one of those IT manager skills that we’re supposed to have? A lot of us struggle when it comes to showing genuine concern for the people who are on our teams. Deep down inside we’d like … Read more

Out Of The Gate: What Should A New IT Manager Do?

Someone who has just been promoted into the role of an IT manager (or an IT manager who has just joined a new company) will find himself or herself in a unique role. They have to very quickly get a “lay of the land” and determine just exactly what the company needs them to do. … Read more

How IT Managers Can Use A Survey To Find Out What They Should Be Doing

As an IT manager you probably find yourself in a difficult position quite often. You think that you know what you and your team are supposed to be working on; however, all too often different people seem to show up and ask you to work on something completely different. How’s an IT manager supposed to … Read more