How An IT Assessment Can Help An IT Manager To Be Successful

Just imagine if I picked you up and dropped you into a workplace that you had never been in before. What would the first thing that you’d do as an IT manager be? I’m willing that you’d want to collect as much information about the situation that you had found yourself in as possible – … Read more

IT Leader Start-Up Issues: What Have You Gotten Yourself Into?

Every IT Shop Is Different In the life of an IT Leader, there will come the day that you find yourself in a new position. You might be working for the same company and just be in a different role or you might be starting a new job – no matter, the challenge is the … Read more

Whoops – You’ve Been Reorganized IT Leader!

So there you are, doing a great job of being the best IT Leader that you can be and all of a sudden, everything changes around you. You’ve been reorganized! In a recession (like we are in now), reorganizations are common either before or after a layoff. Just when you though that you knew what … Read more