Should IT Managers Still Give Raises?

As IT managers we use our IT manager skills to spend a lot of time each year conducting performance reviews with each of the members of our team. The reason that we’ve had the IT manager training to do this is so that ultimately the company can evaluate each person and give them a merit … Read more

Questions An IT Managers Should NOT Ask During A Performance Review

Until someone comes up with a better way to evaluate the performance of the members of our team, we are going to be faced with conducting annual performance reviews. The sad thing here is that we don’t look forward to doing them and the members of our team don’t look forward to participating in them. … Read more

Why Performance Reviews Don’t Work In IT

For just one article, let’s be brutally honest here. Let’s spend just a moment talking about that annual rite of passage that all IT Leaders and workers go through: the annual performance review. These conversations are lies and falsehoods build on conflicting goals that serve nobody’s best interest. Do I have your attention now? Performance … Read more

So IT Leader, Are You Thinking About Getting An Executive MBA…?

As the world’s economy continues to shudder, everyone in IT is scrambling to find ways to make themselves more valuable to both their current employer as well as to their next employer (if needed). For a long time, getting an MBA has been an option that many IT Leaders have considered. The big drawback has … Read more