Good Managers Know About The Power Of Failure

Managers know that failures are not to be hidden

Becoming a successful manager is a difficult enough thing to accomplish. So why would we want to jeopardize it once we achieve it? But research says we unwittingly do just that when we withhold or try to bury one thing about ourselves in particular – our failures. Yes, you heard me correctly – we’re supposed … Read more

How Should An IT Manager Say “Thanks”?

In the movie Dune the good guys come up with a sonic weapon called a Weirding Module that allows them to transform their spoken word into a powerful weapon. It turns out that among the IT manager skills that we have, we have powerful words at our command that if we know about them we … Read more

An IT Manager’s Secrets To Conducting An Effective Feedback Session

Good communication skills are what make an IT manager great. This is one of the IT manager skills that we all need to have. One way that we can show off how good our communication skills are is to conduct effective feedback sessions with our team members. How to make the best use of the … Read more

IT Managers Need To Know How To Plan A Feedback Session

How do you feel when the annual review time comes around each year? If you are like most IT managers, you are not looking forward to this exercise – it takes a lot of time and the value is, shall we say, questionable. However, perhaps you’re looking at this all wrong – feedback sessions should … Read more