Why NoSQL Is The Wrong Choice For An IT Manager — Sometimes

If you were to create a list of the buzz words that are filtering through the world of IT right now, “noSQL” would have to be at the top of your list. IT Managers everywhere have decided that they’ve had enough of traditional databases and the high vendor fees that come with them. Open source … Read more

What A Rental Car Company Can Teach IT Leaders

As IT Leaders, we should all be trying harder to find ways to use the talents of our teams to make our companies run smoother. Hmm, I wonder if there are any companies out there that could serve as an example for us? Good news – there is one: >Avis rental cars. How Hard Can … Read more

Why “I Don’t Care How You Feel” Is Bad IT Management

Life is hard for IT Leaders and it’s not going to be getting any easier anytime soon. With everything that you need to be doing, it sure seems like having to put up with team members who have personal issues that take away from their ability to do their jobs can only hurt performance. For … Read more

Are IT Managers Afraid Of Commitment? Employees Speak Up.

An IT department does not consist of just a bunch of servers and some cabling. It’s really made up of bright, talented people who know a lot about how servers, networks, and applications can be used to propel a business forward. However, not every company and not every IT manager treats their staff the same … Read more