Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Layoff

I have a number of friends who are IT managers at Verizon. The other day Verizon announced that they were going to go through a round of layoffs and they were going to be targeting 6,000 current employees. You can only imagine the level of chaos that this caused. It does bring up an interesting … Read more

What Should An IT Manager Do When They Are Out Of Options?

As IT managers, it’s our responsibility to use our IT manager skills and our IT teams to ensure that the company’s tools and IT systems are always up and operating correctly. If those tools are the primary way that the company makes money, then our job is doubly important. That’s why a recent system error … Read more

The 4 Functions Of An IT Budget That IT Managers Need To Know

What you can accomplish as an IT manager is closely tied to how much money the company is willing to entrust you with. The more money that they are willing to give you, the more you’ll be able to get done. The way that you’ll get your hands on the company’s money is to create … Read more