The Problem With Visa’s New Chip Payment Cards

So let’s be clear about this: I am all for more security when it comes to my credit cards. On more than one occasion I’ve discovered that somebody out there has “cloned” my credit card and is running around town buying things with it. The good news is that the credit card company detects what … Read more

Does The Cloud Offer IT Managers More Or Less Security?

The cloud has arrived, all hail the cloud! Hmm, just a minute here – has anyone taken a close look at just what moving to the cloud is going to do to the security of the IT projects that your team is working on? This cloud stuff is all new and it’s not clear that … Read more

Open Source: Is This A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing For IT?

What if software was free? Every IT Leader has to stop and ask themselves this question every once in awhile. With the cost of ERP and database systems constantly increasing, software costs can quickly become a significant expense for any IT department. The “Open Source” software movement, born in the days when Napster was giving … Read more

IT Leader Start-Up Issues: What Have You Gotten Yourself Into?

Every IT Shop Is Different In the life of an IT Leader, there will come the day that you find yourself in a new position. You might be working for the same company and just be in a different role or you might be starting a new job – no matter, the challenge is the … Read more