Managers Seek Better Ways To Fire Employees

Managers need to be careful how they go about breaking up their team

So let’s face it – firing a team member is never an easy thing for a manager to do. You hired this person, you’ve worked with them, and you’ve attempted to correct anything that they were doing wrong, but now it’s reached the so-called “end of the road” and you find yourself in a position … Read more

How Managers Can Protect Their Company from a Cyberattack

Managers need tips on how to keep their company and team safe

Every manager knows that technology offers many business benefits, from driving productivity to transforming operations to optimizing workflows. However, there is a dark side also. Technology can open up a company to cyberattacks — a threat that, in most cases, companies are not equipped to handle. So who’s most at risk? Small and midsize businesses. … Read more

The Problem With Visa’s New Chip Payment Cards

So let’s be clear about this: I am all for more security when it comes to my credit cards. On more than one occasion I’ve discovered that somebody out there has “cloned” my credit card and is running around town buying things with it. The good news is that the credit card company detects what … Read more

What IT Managers Can Learn From The Sony Hacking Scandal

What would you do if your company’s electronic network defenses were breached by outsiders? We spend a lot of time and effort and use our IT manager skills as part of every project that our teams implement in order to make sure that things like this don’t happen. However, there is always the possibility that … Read more

Does The Cloud Offer IT Managers More Or Less Security?

The cloud has arrived, all hail the cloud! Hmm, just a minute here – has anyone taken a close look at just what moving to the cloud is going to do to the security of the IT projects that your team is working on? This cloud stuff is all new and it’s not clear that … Read more

3 Questions That Every IT Manager Should Be Asking About Clouds

I love clouds, you love clouds, we all love clouds. It seems like everyone in IT is talking about cloud computing and how it’s the next big thing. Look, I think that there’s a lot of good things about cloud computing, but I’m not convinced that it’s the right solution for everyone. This brings up … Read more

How IT Managers Work With Their CIO

Congratulations IT Manager – you’ve been asked to make a presentation to your company’s CIO. Oh, oh. What are you going to have to do in order to make your career move forward due to this opportunity and not screw it up? What Does A CIO Of Directors Want From A IT Manager? Let’s make … Read more

Google’s Lessons For Managing Tech-Savvy Teams

Sigh, if only we all could work for Google, right? If there is one company out there that seems to “get” IT, it would have to be Google. The stories that float around about how nice the Google campus is and all the free food and other perks sure make it seem like a Shangri-La. … Read more