How Come All Of The Good IT Workers Are Already Taken?

Attract and Hold Onto Good IT Workers
Attract and Hold Onto Good IT Workers

So why isn’t your IT staff performing up to your expectations? Don’t they understand just how important the work that they do is to the company? Why is it so hard to keep the really good ones — they just seem to keep leaving!

If you work in an IT department or -gulp- manage IT workers you know what a challenge it can be on a daily basis to keep everyone onboard and motivated. Hey, it’s hard for YOU to stay motivated let alone trying to make sure that your team / department are feeling good about themselves, their career, the company, etc. Man, where do you even start?

I can’t promise you that we’ll have all of the answers; however, I can tell you that IT workers are a special breed. We’re smart, we can be motivated, and we like a challenge. You just have to figure out how to reach us. How to do that is what this blog is all about…

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