How Should Managers Be Practicing Transparency?

Trust starts with being transparent

The goal of every manager is to become a respected manager. This is a fine goal to have, but just exactly how can we make this happen? It turns out that one important step in getting your team to respect you is for you to make the practice of transparency important. Why should you bother … Read more

How Managers Can Gain Power At Work

Getting more power at work is your key to success

When we start a new manager job, things can be quite frustrating. Where we were previously allowed  to occupy leadership a role, we now find ourselves in a powerless position at the bottom of the organization ladder. No matter what manager skills we have, it can be all too easy to start to think about … Read more

Hello IT Manager: You’re In Politics Now!

Can’t an IT manager just rise above all of the politics? I mean really, with all of the technology leadership decisions that need to be made along with the business processes that need to be streamlined, can’t we all just skip the politics and get down to business? It turns out that we can’t and … Read more