How Managers Can Reinvent Themselves

Managers need to find ways to stay valuable as workplaces favor the young

So is there any downside to becoming a manager? One possibility is the simple fact that it takes time. By the time most of us become managers, we’re not as young as we used to be. What this means is that we find ourselves in a workplace filled with younger people trying to use our … Read more

How Managers Can Gain Power At Work

Getting more power at work is your key to success

When we start a new manager job, things can be quite frustrating. Where we were previously allowed  to occupy leadership a role, we now find ourselves in a powerless position at the bottom of the organization ladder. No matter what manager skills we have, it can be all too easy to start to think about … Read more

IT Managers Need To Understand The Importance Of Networking

How is that IT career of yours going? I certainly hope that it is going well for you. However, I’ve got an important question for you: are you trying to do it all by yourself? It turns out that getting ahead in the world of IT can be a lot easier if we use out … Read more

New Job, Same Company: What’s An IT Leader To Do?

Changing To A New Job In The Same Company Can Be Difficult Times of change can be difficult for everyone, including IT Leaders. We all know how hard it can be to lose your job – in fact I think that we’ve probably either experienced it or have friends who have gone through it. What … Read more

How To Keep Your Team From Leaving As The Economy Improves

I don’t want to say that it’s been easy to be an IT Leader during the recent global economic crisis. However, as the world economy tanked and countless people in all industries lost their jobs, the one thing that IT Leaders really didn’t have to worry about was having members of their team jump ship … Read more

Grow Your Career – What IT Leaders Need To Do

As though the job of being a IT Leader was not hard enough, there’s also that added responsibility that you have to manage your career. With all of the turmoil of the past couple of years, it’s now more important than ever for IT Leaders to find the time to tend to this task. Growing … Read more

Networking 101 For IT Leaders

I don’t care if you’re the best IT Leader this world has ever known, you may still find yourself without a job sometime – especially in this economy. It’s at this point that you will want to rely on the contacts which you have made during your current employment. However, despite the fact that most … Read more