Out Of The Gate: What Should A New IT Manager Do?

Someone who has just been promoted into the role of an IT manager (or an IT manager who has just joined a new company) will find himself or herself in a unique role. They have to very quickly get a “lay of the land” and determine just exactly what the company needs them to do. … Read more

IT Managers Who Care Know How To Do A Sensitivity Analysis

How good of a guesser are you? I thought so – you’re not perfect are you? This may not matter that much on a day-to-day basis, but it can matter a great deal when it comes to setting up a budget for your IT team. If the assumptions that you made were wrong, then all … Read more

IT Managers Need To Learn How To Avoid A Crisis Before It Happens

You’d think that to be a good IT manager all that you’d have to be good at is managing people and understanding technology. Most of the time you’d be correct; however, it’s the times when this isn’t the case that far too many IT managers drop the ball. Let’s face it, crisis happen. We’d all … Read more