How To Keep Your Best Team Members

Employees are your most valuable asset. Here's how to hold on to them

During the course of a normal day, a manager has a lot of different things that we need to spend time worrying about. However, using our manager skills to keep the team that we have onboard is often not one of the things that we worry about on an average day. However, perhaps we should … Read more

How Managers Can Create Innovative Teams

Managers need to know how to transform their teams into innovation engines

As managers we are always looking for ways to use our manager skills to get more out of our teams. What we’ve been told is that we can do this if we can come up with a way to boost their innovation. It may sound easy, but it isn’t. What managers need to do is … Read more

The Two Things That It Takes To Be A Great IT Manager

With a little luck, we all enjoy being an IT manager. Unlike back in the days when we were simply rank-and-file workers in the IT department, now that we are managers we get to control things. We are in charge of a team of IT professionals and it’s our responsibility to use our IT manager … Read more

What Is An IT Manager To Do When Employees Leave With Code?

The most interesting case is starting to unfold in New York city. The Manhattan District Attorney (their top cop) has filed charges against three IT workers. The crime that they are accused of is leaving the company and taking a copy of the firm’s proprietary high-speed trading code with them. If they did this, then … Read more

IT Managers Know That Strategies Never Last

As an IT manager, one of the biggest management challenges that you’ll ever face is setting an effective strategy that your entire team can rally behind. As though this wasn’t difficult enough, there’s a little secret about IT strategies that nobody probably ever took the time to tell you about. They don’t last. A Little … Read more

5 Steps IT Managers Need To Create A Strategy

Hmm, isn’t strategy something that the big boys are supposed to be taking care of? Most IT managers probably don’t think that they either have the skills needed to create and implement an effective strategy or that it’s simply not part of their job. Just to be clear about this: creating and implementing an effective … Read more

Look’s Like It’s Strategy Time For IT Managers

As an IT manager, your time is spent keeping projects and teams on track. You wouldn’t think that something like strategy would be part of your job at this stage of your career. I mean, that strategy stuff is what the big boys in IT spend their days worrying about right? Hmm, if you don’t … Read more