Does Your Team Know That You Appreciate Them?

Appreciation is a word that I believe that we’re all familiar with, but do we really know what it means? More importantly, as IT managers do we take the time to show the members of our team that we appreciate them and the work that they do? If we’re not doing this, then we’re missing … Read more

There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect IT Manager – Or Perfect IT Team

One of the biggest challenges that any IT manager faces no matter how much IT manager training they’ve had is to determine just exactly how much they should expect from their team. They don’t want to be seen as being a “hands off” manager who just lets the team do whatever they want to do; … Read more

What’s An IT Manger To Do When You Screw-Up BIG TIME?

So I’ll be the first one to admit it – I’ve screwed up big time at work. It was awhile back, but as I remember it I was responsible for crunching some numbers that were going into a report that was being used to plan what the company was going to be working on for … Read more